Frequently Asked Questions

What are Paragon’s business hours?

Monday through Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. I am flexible, so just call if you have specific needs.

Shall I make an appointment?

Yes, appointments are highly recommended for your convenience and security. Call me today to schedule a time at 262-240-9975.

Where is Paragon located?

We wish to create a personalized relationship with every client, therefore, please contact us for directions to our private and secure office location.

How long has Paragon been in business?

I established Paragon Numismatics in January, 1987.

Shall I bring my coins to you?

Yes, bring everything all at once.

Does Paragon appraise coins?

Yes, Paragon Numismatics conducts comprehensive, professional appraisals on an hourly basis. Please call for details.

Does Paragon make house calls?

Yes, for large collections valued over $5000 (bullion notwithstanding), Paragon may travel to you if more convenient. Please contact us for details.

Does Paragon travel outside the Milwaukee area?

When warranted, Paragon Numismatics will travel anywhere in the United States to appraise and purchase coin collections. For example, we routinely visit Chicago, Baltimore, and Florida to buy coins or jewelry, so give us a call.

How does Paragon pay for coins?

We customarily write a business check on-the-spot for all purchases. Bank wires are available upon request.

What are my coins worth?

Coin collectors and dealers assign value based on rarity, condition, metallic content, market demand, and originality. Keep in mind that age doesn’t matter—otherwise rocks found on the beach would be valuable!

Should I clean or polish my coins?

No, keep your coins exactly as is. Maintaining total originality is essential to experienced collectors, so never try to “improve” your coins in any way. Don’t touch them.

How should I prepare to sell my coins?

Give us a call for details. In general, there is no need to create an inventory list unless you want it for record-keeping (mandatory for a collection of rarities).

Do coin prices change?

Values for common gold and silver coins change every second according to changing metals prices. However, values for high quality collectible coins tend to change slowly.

Are coins a good investment?

NO! Coins do NOT automatically go up in value. When we invest money in stocks, bonds, or interest-bearing accounts, there is an expected return on our money at some point in the future. Not so for coins. Granted, carefully selected rare coins have done very well over the long run…but that relates only to high quality rarities (and there are no guarantees in the future). Collect coins for fun.

Does Paragon Numismatics sell coins?

Yes. We sell high quality rare coins, collector coins, precious metals paper money, and bullion-related numismatics items.

Does Paragon buy scrap gold and jewelry?

Absolutely. We would love to take a look at your current holdings.

What is jewelry worth relative to appraised value or original acquisition cost?

When purchasing brand-new jewelry from a reputable jeweler, figure that up to 95% of the purchase price covers the jeweler’s overhead. When you sell, that overhead vanishes, and all we’re left with is the raw metallic value plus any incidental value of precious stones. What that means in most cases is that you’ll probably be able to sell your jewelry for 8-15% of your purchase price or 3-8% of appraised value. Remember that dramatic exceptions exist for world-class diamonds, rubies, sapphires, etc. Also, many high-end wristwatches hold their value quite well, so always remain optimistic. Just remember to bring along your sense of humor when stopping by with jewelry.

Are diamonds and precious stones valuable?

Small precious stones have little secondary market value. If you enjoy the stones, consider professional removal and repurposing in another piece of jewelry. Larger diamonds of high quality over 1 carat carry much more secondary market value.

Are references available?

References happily furnished upon request.

What if undiscovered rarities are mixed into my common coins?

I’ll find them, pull them out, and explain their value. Discovering rare pieces mixed into groups of common coins happens very infrequently, but that’s the essence of rarity. As you might imagine, there is no better advertising in the world for Paragon Numismatics than to delight you with news of great coins that you thought were common! Unfortunately, it doesn’t happen too often. Think of it this way: not many Monet paintings surface at rummage sales.

Is it easy to equitably divide a coin collection?

No, equitably dividing a coin collection remains difficult unless you have precise quantities of identical items matching the number of potential recipients/beneficiaries. Selling a collection and dividing the money generally proves to the most efficient, fair way to split things up.

Do my heirs really want my coins, precious metals, or jewelry…or would they prefer the money instead?

Ask them point-blank whether they prefer coins/jewelry or a stack of cash. If they indicate a sentimental affinity for your material, excellent…give them away. But if they ask you how much the items are worth, then you know they really prefer money. Gifting valuable items to people who are not knowledgeable collectors often proves to be a dangerous proposition. Your sentimental attachment may not hold for today’s younger generation.

Other questions? Call anytime at 262-240-9975. Thank you very much!