New Coins on Site
March 01, 2016
Look for new coins to appear on the site within the next few weeks. Over the years we accumulated large quantities of certified silver dollars, Walking Liberty and Franklin half dollars, cents, early copper, choice collector coins,and many other areas in American numismatics. The time is ripe to begin offering these to collectors. We hope you find the wait to be worthwhile. Exciting times at Paragon Numismatics!
Stop in to receive FABULOUS prices for your coins and precious metals!
March 01, 2016
If you have coins to sell, Paragon Numismatics is interested! Whether you have a single rare item or a pick-up truck filled with silver dollars, we would love to assist you with your collection. We also buy all silver and gold bullion, jewelry, dental, and scrap. Currency deals are also welcome! Questions? Give us a call at 262-240-9975. We look forward to assisting you!
Memorable Story of the Month
March 01, 2016
A customer dropped by recently to sell his accumulation of circulated half dollars. He mentioned the presence of a better coin mixed into the group, and upon examining his coins I discovered a bent, heavily cleaned, slick Liberty Seated half dollar with an attempted puncture above Miss Liberty. Upon showing him the coin and mentioning the damage, he replied: "Well, the hole doesn't go all the way through the coin, does it?" The moral of the story is to never underestimate the impact of damage on a coin's value. Cleaning, holes, heavy scratches, etc dramatically lower value. Condition matters, so keep your coins exactly as is and NEVER be tempted to wash, clean, or polish in order to "improve" their condition.

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